female roundtable


It was in September 2015 at a friend's birthday, when some of our amazing women were invited.

We of course talked about the "good old times" and realised that it was now six years later that we've met, all of us were grown up, all in Berlin in interesting positions and life circumstances, some already with children, and all on our way of choosing careers and life paths.

I decided I'd like to see them regularly to stay in touch, talk about current life challenges, femaleness, career goals and more.

The roundtable story

Making it a routine

Since November 2015, the female roundtable takes place every last Friday of a month. 

Our members are enabled to invite and add new inspiring women to our core table, to add valuable impact and culture to our roundtable discussion. Since then we grew from 5 to 13 females.


Even though it wouldn't be boring to meet without a specific topic to discuss, I always select one of us upfront to give a very authentic impulse talk, create or guide a workshop, plan an activity or just meet very legere. We are here to share a certain experience in life or knowledge around a shared interest of ours, which is meant to enrich and empower the lives of the others.

  • Impulse Talks: one whose chosen to inspire us
  • Workshops to learn from each other or others
  • Activities: such as our boat trips, yoga sessions or upcoming retreats
  • Fem legere: meeting, catch up, no topic 


1 Lucia Gartz, Recruiting Manager BCGDV about "children, life and career"

2 Solveig Schulze, Co-Creator Lufthansa Innovation Hub about "women versus men in contract negotiations"

3 Diana Rösner, Customer Office Lead SAP about "the struggles of tough women"

4 Charlotte Bilzer, Manager Finance High Snobiety about "cultural differences between workplaces"

5 Rosa Palm, Personal and Project Lead Meimberg Studios about "can't we have it all?"

6 Female boat tour with Sektgar on the Spree

7 Saskia Sefranek, former Project A Senior Venture Developer about "The freedom of freelancing" (home edition)

8 Me - Edition, Vinyassa Yoga and later 'Me' - talks with soup and salty pearl tea @Umami X-Berg

9 Lena Schulze Gabrechten, Doctoral Researcher in Public Administration about "The power of beauty myths - how do we view our bodies?" (screening of 'embrace'; home edition)

10 Retrospective, review of female roundtable survey results about the past year, discussing future formats, invitation and member strategies and the way we want to sustain our special alliance we have built

11 Katarina Ewert, Gallup Certified Strength Coach, Workshop No.1 "fem roundtable Strength discovery"

12 Katja Hericks, "Gender makes Organisation, Organisation makes Gender" - organised by Lena Schulze Gabrechten

13 Welcome round with Jasmina & Margaux

14 Jule Röthig, Serial Entrepreneur, her founding stories 

15 Natascha Wegelin, Female financial empowerment 


At our table, we protect our culture quite well, as it is so unique amongst women to open up, feel warmly included from the first minute, being able to just be yourself in the most authentic way, wanting to share your thoughts or problems, in order to really enable and empower each other.  Yes, our little community is something super special for us, which is why we have to make sure that new members are contributing, are engaging, and are respectful. Since we are growing, there is a process you would need to follow. 

  1. Click on the application link below, and tell us why you'd like to join, about your expectations and what you can contribute to our community 
  2. Right after your application we will get in touch with you about the next steps
  3. We choose one member to meet you in person, to really get to know you 
  4. If you made it in, we host a welcome dinner for you. Now it's really time to show us who you are and contribute to our community  

We have two openings in one year: in April and August.