I am Yasemin Aegaeis. I am currently on a journey to become more mindful and present in everything I do.

In 2015 my journey of becoming a healthier and happier version of myself started. I quit my job, quit smoking, did a group workout coach certification, started meditation, went on a trip to Bali, practiced yoga and completely logged off. Slowly these practices also lead to me become more aware of the rights of other living species and our planet.

In 2015 I founded a platform called the "planet°y", where inspiring and powerful women meet, collaborate and empower each other with knowledge, personal experiences and life hacks. Since then we are meeting in several formats.

One of my goals is to challenge traditional work structures. I want to help organisations transform into communities that value and prioritise employee experience, as I believe that this is the key to long-term success (see Keynote section below).

Read about my professional life here and please connect with me if you are interested to meet, work or collaborate on ideas.

This is a space for me share things that inspire me, both in my personal life and in business. Hopefully it will inspire you too.


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VP Marketing & Advisor and Consultant Roles or other

current: Vice President Marketing @coya AG (InsurTech) - Berlin

2018 Growth Advisor @Holoplot (AudioTech) and FreightHub (Digital Logistics) - Berlin

2017 Vice President Demand Gen Marketing @unu (E-Mobility) - Berlin

2017 Certificate as Group Workout Coach

Digital Consultant in Various Agencies

2015 - @webguerillas - Munich

2014 - @Ogilvy & Mather (SEO Analyst)- London

2013 - @Wunderman - Munich

2011 - @Saatchi & Saatchi - Frankfurt


Star Alliance Internships

2011 @Turkish Airlines - Istanbul

2010 @Lufthansa Airlines - Singapore

"Employee Experience (EX) in the 21st century Network Age"

2019 - 11.ter Kongress der Sozialwirtschaft, “Leadership in fast growing Startups"

2019 - Amplifier Opening Berlin, “New Work”

2018 - Microsoft Explained Conference, "Gen Y and Organisational Management in the 21st century Network age"

2018 - Daimler AG, Leadership 2020 Game Changer day, "Purpose & Empowerment"

2017 - Porsche, "unu - a company founded by Millennials"

2017 - Mercedes Benz Daimler,  "Building a powerful E-mobility Brand; digital Marketing and Sales



2014 - Master with Distinction/Honors in International Marketing @HULT international Business School - London, receiver of the "women in Business" scholarship

2011 - Bachelor in Corporate Management & Economics @Zeppelin University - Friedrichshafen 

2011 - Summer School in Statistics & Microeconomics @Bogazici University - Istanbul; #1 Uni in Turkey


Social Media is a platform which connects the global earth citizens in order to raise awareness for the good and connecting with like minded people. Since I am living a plant based yogic lifestyle, I am using the platform to raise awareness for self care and wellness, meditation and sustainability.

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During my twenties I founded a music blog called weloverepeat.com on which I invited bloggers from around the globe to contribute with their cultural influenced music taste. In 2012 I got interviewed by Pulse Radio Station in Munich, one year later I produced my first electronic mix “Lausche” together with the music producer Jeffrey Young. After uploading the track to Soundcloud it went viral and even made it to some German festivals. Lausche consisted of a snippet of Hildegard Knef, a famous German pop singer, and the track got restricted by Soundcloud claiming that I would need a label to represent me in order to publish remixes. In 2014 I founded the weloverpeat LTD in London, my own label to represent my own tracks but “Lausche” never made it up to Soundcloud again. Since 2017 I am djaying mostly oriental electronic music. You find some of my favourite lists below.

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